Food in Australia is Surprisingly Great

I am an avid foodie, meaning I spend ~ almost much time on deciding which cafe or gourmet dining place to visit on mapping out that landmarks are a must-see during my time overseas as I do. In fact, it’s embarrassing to admit that finding the best places in the city to eat is a priority. But food is its own art in a sense: a medley of flavorings, spices, and other specialties that create a dish by a mere idea. I follow food-centric blogs for fun, and I really like learning about where ingredients come from, (that is especially cool when it is locally sourced), new developments in the culinary world, and just getting to taste the chef’s vision come to life by enjoying the work that went into the manufacturing process of the meal. For me, a nation’s culture is revealed by food, and it was exciting to eat regular at places that are far from my home in Texas. Listed below are a few takeaways from my experience:

Food is generally cheaper & more well-presented than in the states. Once you take the price conversion with the Australian dollar, eating out is at least cheap, if not more, than in cosmopolitan cities in the US such as Chicago or New York. Additionally, the no-tip custom”saves” you a great deal of money, so make the most of And for apparently no reason at all, Oz plates extraordinarily well. There are embellishments of flowers that are edible and placement of sauces. Your meal will be Instagram-worthy.

autralian sea food platter lunch of crab and moreton bay bugs
Do not be afraid to try exotic meats or fruit. Being on the opposite side of the planet brings more variety. I’ve had friends who’ve tried crocodile and alligator meat and I can’t wait to do so once I travel through the east shore. However, a animal I did eat from curiosity was kangaroo! Roo meat is sold such as Coles, and can be found in restaurant menus. While having the feel of a steak, it is a blend in taste.

Many, if not a vast majority of food establishments, are cafes. To elaborate, these cafes provide great options for breakfast, brunch, and lunch, along with at 3-4pm, although having coffee and pastries. A walk may be necessary, when dinner rolls around. I’ve discovered that cafes are common in Europe, but I was not expecting areas to be closed.

Lastly, ask Australians how to prepare dishes that are very popular in this country. When you haven’t seen the Buzzfeed video of foreigners attempting to eat Australian food and making it completely wrong, it’s well worth a watch for their response (note: vegemite isn’t intended to be eaten by the spoonful, particularly if you are a first-timer). The assumptions I had on how to properly eat vegemite toast, or make a cup of milo went out the window, since it is not really the same as curing vegemite like hot cocoa mix such as Nutella or milo.